Monterey Seniors Village – May 3, 2020 Update

All residents and staff members are being swabbed today.

At this point, NO residents are showing any symptoms. However, an additional staff member is affected, meaning we now have two staff members are home, in self-isolation.

We will continue monitoring residents closely and should anyone be symptomatic, they will be swabbed, placed in isolation as a precaution until lab result are known, and families will be informed. We continue to ensure proactive measures are in place, including confining residents to their respective suites, where they are provided care and nutritious meals.

Staff members are assessed at the beginning of their shift and mid-way through their shift, and should any be symptomatic, they will be placed in self-isolation as a matter of course.


 We are  adhering to a number of strict protocols, including the following:

We will continue to act upon the latest advice of public health officials and adapt our operations as necessary and recommended, to reduce the risk of infection and transmission as much as possible


 We will be communicating with all families via email on a daily basis along with Facebook posts. Should the condition of any resident change, family will be notified immediately.


 The community is restricting access to ALL visitors


There are no staffing issues to report today


 We continue to monitor our supplies closely.


 We wish to thank staff and families for their cooperation and understanding at this time.