There is no change in status today, only one staff has tested positive with no new cases.

We understand this information may seem repetitive, however we want to ensure we communicate daily and that our families have quick and easy access to this information should they need to contact us.

All residents and staff in our Supportive Living 1st floor have been tested for COVID-19 and we are waiting for the results to come back.

All residents on the 1st floor have been quarantined and meal tray service is underway.  As test results come back, any negative resident will be taken off quarantine.

Until otherwise advised by the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) and the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Outbreak Management team, we remain on outbreak status. We continue to operate under our outbreak protocols, monitor any possible risk of transmission of the virus within our community very closely, and regularly meet and work with the MOH and the AHS Outbreak Management team to ensure full compliance with all applicable health and safety measures.


To ensure we are making every effort to prevent any spread of the virus, the following precautions remain in place:

O Please note, if we have confirmed cases of the respiratory flu, those residents will be on contact and droplet isolation.

An essential family/support person is defined as:

  1. The resident’s decision maker (agent), a family member, friend or companion.
  2. Visits where the resident’s quality of life and/or care needs cannot be met without the essential visitor’s assistance.
  3. The essential visitor may enter and can approve an alternate essential visitor with up to three visitors on the list, so long as only up to two visitors enter the facility at a time and must remain in the resident’s room.


Please call the reception at 403-207-2929 to book your essential visit.




Thank you for all of your support.


Morgan Burgess

General Manager