We would like to provide you with an update for Friday, May 1, 2020

Good day everyone,

Spring is in full swing and we are moving into May when the weather is warmer and the whole of the Okanagan is in bloom. This has us all wanting to get outside and spend some time with our loved ones. As time goes on, we realize it is becoming harder to be away from those you love, and we are looking at some ways that hopefully in the near future, will afford us the ability to get there.

That being said, at this time the medical health officer’s directive remains unchanged, and she is asking all people to stay home. It has come to our attention that on the AL/IL side of the building, people are attempting to visit their loved ones over the fence, or having them walk down the road to meet them in their car. We would like to ask again that all families and friends stay home unless there is a need for an essential visit. Essential means that it is required for immediate health and safety such as medical appointments, dental appointments, specialist appointments, etc.  In order to ensure we remain COVID negative, we need everyone’s cooperation in ensuring that any traffic to the site is limited to the criteria listed above. For the LTC side of the building, there is to be no guests other than essential services or palliative visits. Even for the palliative visits, all family will be carefully screened at the door, and personal protective equipment will be provided to you prior to entering into the Community.

We are celebrating our staff tomorrow with some pizza and cake, as they have really gone the extra mile for the site and the residents. I am very proud of their dedication and commitment to all and in every department. It is very nice to be a part of a team that puts the needs of those they are supporting above their own. They have worked tirelessly to ensure your loved ones are safe, well cared for and happy. I know that you will all join me in extending thanks to this amazing group of people, and we are all very lucky to have them.

The grounds continue to be kept and cared for by our contracted landscaping team. The grounds look amazing, and we already have tulips up and in bloom. Yesterday I was up on a unit and I witnessed the most beautiful sight. One of the residents was playing the piano and they were all gathered (while respecting social distancing) and singing hymns together. It was truly humbling and lovely to see.  I sat and watched them all together, assembling together in fellowship. They didn’t need prompting or suggestions from us, they did this on their own. They laughed and sang and called out songs they all wanted to sing together.  It was truly inspiring and a testament to their kindness and generosity towards one another.

Times like these show that there is still great love and kindness in the world. I am very honored and privileged to be able to spend this time with your loved ones.

Please stay healthy and well, and remember to wash your hands at every opportunity.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Christy Baker

General Manager, Summerland Seniors Village