Dear residents, family members and friends,


We have had a staff member test positive for COVID-19. The staff member was last in the community May 22nd.

We notified Public Health as well as our own COVID response team.  The good news is that Public Health has reviewed all details and has deemed this a low risk exposure. 


Here are the details of the current COVID-19 situation at Maple Ridge Seniors Village:



Visits in all areas, including Essential Visitors, will continue.  However, we ask that you please be extra diligent when coming on site to visit your loved one.  Please ensure you stay in the resident’s room and do not have contact with any other residents.  If you like, you are able to enjoy any of our outside patios or courtyards.  Let’s get outside and enjoy the sunshine over the next few days!

At the end of your visit, please use the sanitizing kit provided by the Pre-Screener to clean every surface you touched during your visit.

A reminder, to book a visit please contact our Recreation Department by emailing:



Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for working so hard to keep us safe and healthy, as well as for the kindness, understanding and support you share.



The Maple Ridge Seniors Village (MRSV) Leadership Team and Staff