March 31, 2021


Dear residents, family member and friends,

At Maple Ridge Seniors Village we have been feverishly working to get everything ready for tomorrow’s “re-opening” of our building to family members and friends.  We are so excited to welcome everyone back but please be patient as our team adapts to these new guidelines.

We have received a lot of questions from all of you and would like to provide further details.


How to Book a Visit or Outing

All visits and outings must be scheduled in advance through our Recreation Department.  Please contact them by email at mrsv-recreation@retirementconcepts.com  and they will respond in the order in which the requests are received.



Residential Care:  If you would like to take a resident out, you must still schedule this in advance.  Please give us as much notice as possible, preferably by the day prior, so we can inform the staff appropriately.   Please specify if you would like the resident to be brought down to meet you at the main entrance, or if you would like to go to the resident’s room and bring them down yourself.

Independent/Assisted Living:  You do not need to schedule an outing for our IL/AL residents because they are able to meet you out front or at the door.  Please arrange this directly with the resident.  If you need to come up to the suite to assist the resident prior to the outing then a scheduled visit is required.

At Maple Ridge Seniors Village we strongly recommend all residents follow the current Public Health Officer (PHO) order on limiting social interactions.

All residents, please do not visit in the home of a family member or friend at this time.

For more detailed information on the current PHO order please visit the Government of BC website



Essential Visitors

Nothing has changed in regards to visitation guidelines for our Essential Visitors.  Please continue to come as you did before.  You will no longer be required to wear a gown and eye protection but will still be provided a medical-grade mask upon entry.


Building Access

As it has been many months since some of you have been in our building, or it will be the first time for many, and we want to ensure everyone has access to our parkade and entrance doors.  When scheduling your visit, please let the Recreation Department know the number on your white building access card and we will ensure it is operational for your visit.  If you do not have a building access card please schedule your first visit during business hours of 9AM to 5PM and enter through our Main Entrance.  We can issue this to you and show you how to access the building for future visits.

Please note only 1 building access card is issued per resident.  If you do not have a building access card you can enter the parkade by pressing the intercom buttom at the parkade gate.


Entry Locations

This is a reminder that we have two entrances and Screener Desks.  Visitors for our Residential Care are to enter via the basement/parkade entrance.  Visitors of our Independent/Assisted Living are to enter via the main lobby.


At the end of your visit

To keep our residents and staff safe, the Screener will provide each of you a sanitizing kit when you are signing in.  Please use this at the end of the visit to clean every surface that you touched during your visit.


Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for working so hard to keep us safe and healthy, as well as for the kindness, understanding and support you share.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


The Maple Ridge Seniors Village (MRSV) Leadership Team and Staff