Hello everyone,


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Maple Ridge Seniors Village!


It has been a trying year but we are so proud to have the team we do at MRSV and can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support as we manage the ups and downs of this global pandemic.


It is a Holiday gift to everyone – We can once again say that there are no current cases of COVID-19 in our residents or staff here at Maple Ridge Seniors Village.





Visiting Booth


Our Recreation Team has been busy scheduling all of the family visit requests over Christmas.  We have squeezed in every last visit that we can and are now fully booked until December 28th.


Please remember that this cozy outdoor space is available for anyone to use – family, friend, etc., and doesn’t have to be the one designated visitor for the resident.  Children are also allowed to visit in our Visiting Booth.


Please remember that, following Dr. Bonnie Henry’s guidelines, everyone visiting together should be from the same household.  The Visiting Booth can accommodate up to 4 people but is not large enough to allow 6 feet of social distance for members of different households.


We would also like to remind everyone that there is a strict no smoking policy on our property.  No smoking or vaping is allowed on property, especially in our Visiting Booth.



Christmas Cards


The local community has been so generous this year that we have been receiving piles and piles of Christmas Cards for our residents.



Christmas Dinner


Last night we hosted a special Christmas Dinner for our residents.  2020 definitely looks different than previous years, and we missed having our family members and friends with us for dinner, but we are proud of our team for all the efforts they have made to make it special for our residents.




Thank you to Ms. Wood’s Grade 2 class at Glenwood Elementary School for writing a personalized Christmas card for each and every one of our residents!





Social Visits


All Social Visits are being booked into our new Visiting Booth.  Visits are allowed from anyone – friend, family, etc. and the booth can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people.  Please ensure each group is following Dr. Bonnie Henry’s socializing guidelines and are from the same household.


If you wish to schedule a window visit, or have any questions at all about visitations, please contact our Recreation Team at mrsv-recreation@retirementconcepts.com.



Essential Visits


Essential visitors are those who are allowed to come and visit the resident daily because they play an essential role in the daily care and/or well-being of the resident.


For example, Essential Visits should be provided when:


Essential Visitors for Residential Care are to enter the building through our second Screener desk at the basement parkade entrance.  Please use your MESH building key card to open the parkade gate, or request to be buzzed in at the intercom.



Spouse Visits


We have several spouses of residents in our Residential Care who reside in our Independent Living/Assisted Living building.   These residents can continue to visit their spouse in Residential Care.  However, if they choose to continue these in-person visits they cannot be coming and going from MRSV, and then also visiting their spouse in Residential Care.  We ask that they do not engage in outside social visits or attend appointments off site.



Outside Visits


Independent Living and Assisted Living


Residents can engage in social and external activities that are aligned with general public health guidance.  Recommendations are to avoid large gatherings and stay away from other people who are ill. A gentle reminder that everyone should maintain safe physical distance at all times and wear a mask when in enclosed spaces such as transit or stores where safe physical distances cannot be maintained.


At Maple Ridge Seniors Village we strongly recommend all residents follow the current Public Health Officer order on limiting social interactions.  The order is in effect from November 19, 2020 at midnight to January 8, 2021 at midnight.


All residents, please do not visit in the home of a family member or friend at this time.


For more detailed information on the current PHO order please visit the Government of BC website



Residential Care


Residents are advised to limit their external activities and outside appointments to essential only (i.e. medically necessary).



Connecting Families


Our team is dedicated in ensuring our residents are able to connect to their families and loved ones.  We are happy to assist with virtual visits via FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and WeChat and we can arrange for phone calls with your loved ones.


If you have a request, or something that is needed to assist a resident, please let us know.  Our Team at MRSV is here and we are stepping it up to help our residents in the absence of regular visits from their family and friends.  Please let us know in advance if there is a little task you need assistance with.


For more information contact Kim Knudsen, Manager of Recreation & Volunteer Services at kknudsen@retirementconcepts.com or call 604-476-4320.



Masks for Residents in Independent Living & Assisted Living


The BC Ministry of Health and BC Centre for Disease Control has updated their recommendations for mask use for anyone living in an Assisted Living and Long Term Care communities.  The recommendation is that all residents wear a mask when moving about the building, in common areas, hallways, etc., unless they are eating and/or drinking.  Residents do not need to wear a mask when they are in their own suite.


For the month of December the Screener in the Lobby can provide all residents with one mask per day, if they don’t have one of their own.  As of January 1, 2021 we ask that residents provide their own masks.  Boxes of 50 masks can be purchased for $15 per box.





All deliveries will be received at the Screener desk. This includes groceries, medications, and gifts. All items will be sanitized and delivered directly to the resident’s suite.


Dropping off items


We would ask that families please follow these guidelines to ensure your parent or loved one receives their delivery in a timely manner:

  1. Please use plastic bags, no reusable bags
  2. Label all bags clearly with resident name and room number
  3. Please try to limit drop offs to essential items. There are days when staff are overwhelmed trying to keep up.



Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for working so hard to keep us safe and healthy, as well as for the kindness, understanding and support you share.


Wishing you all a safe holiday.



The MRSV Leadership Team