June 12th, 2020


Hello Everyone


I would like to take the time to thank you all for your continued supports as we make our way through unchartered territory.


There continue to be new cases of COVID reported in BC that highlight the continued need for diligence during this period of time.  We ask for your continued support in our diligence to keep the site COVID free.




Please feel free to access the website for any updates from the Community on COVID related issues.  Just a reminder to folks that we are requesting no more than 2 calls per week to your loved ones.  We are also asking that you limit your facetime or recreation door visits to once per week.




The recreation team has been working very hard on scheduling activities for folks over in LTC.  There have been several visits accommodated as well as some programming to keep folks occupied and engaged.  The AL side continues to have the hallway happy hours, some bingo in small groups, reminiscing during happy hour, etc.




We have still not received permission to open the dining room on the AL side of the building.  We will announce the opening as soon as we get the word in writing from the Health Authority.


General store


The general store remains open, however we are not permitting more than one person in the store at a time.  The store remains well stocked and available for some treats and little necessities.  There is plenty of body wash and other toiletries available.




We continue to ask that any deliveries come through the front door for sanitization.  This is for both AL and LTC.  For LTC, we are asking that only small items in single wrapping and single serving sizes are brought to LTC that may also be sanitized by wiping down.  We are again reminding folks to please not leave things on the carts after 4:30 p.m.


As updated information is made available to us, we will certainly pass this along to all of you.



Stay Safe everyone,


Christy Baker

General Manager