Hello Everyone,


Once again we are happy to report that No Residents or staff are presenting COVID-19 signs or symptoms at Langley Seniors Village.


Spring finally arriving in the lower mainland and it shows at Langley Seniors Village, from gardening to bus drives to see the Cherry Blossoms everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine.



Things are happening in the Village!


A few residents went on the bus to Art’s nursery to help choose plants for the raised beds in both the west and east gardens.  We looked forward to watching the gardens flourish!










Preparing for Star Wars Day!

The ladies helped make a banner for our upcoming Star Wars Day on May the 4th









Thank you to all our families and friends that have made the visitation process and re-opening safe and comforting for our residents. We want to remind all the visitors that if they develop symptoms of any sort (even if you think it might be seasonal allergies), please see your doctor or get a COVID-19 test. If you happen to develop symptoms within 14 days of your visit, please inform us and get tested. By doing so, if we have had a positive case on site we can then put protocols in place to prevent any further spread of the virus. This could include enhanced cleaning in visited areas, increased symptoms monitoring, isolation of affected residents, and testing.


Continue to be safe as our case counts rise, there are increases in LTC/AL care homes for outbreaks and enhanced monitoring since the variants of concern have increased and some vaccinated individuals are still getting COVID-19. Being vaccinated does not give you 100% immunity against any strain. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep everyone safe! We hope you’re enjoying your visits.



Thank You and Stay Healthy!

The Leadership Team at Langley Seniors Village (LSV)