To all Family Members:

Our flu vaccine clinic went well last week! For those that missed the flu clinic, we have our nurses who will be able to provide a flu shot to our new admissions.

We are offering scheduled visits to families 7 days a week. We offer Facetime, Window and In-Person. Please kindly send your request for an appointment to have a visit at dcc-familyvisits@retirementconcepts.com.

Please kindly note, if you are dropping off food for your loved one, according to Fraser Health’s directive it must be non-perisable ONLY (must be consumed immediately, we cannot store any non-dried goods). Please ensure the non-perisable items have the name of the resident, room number and date it was packaged.

Our pharmacy has changed names, it is now called Care Rx there is no need to make adjustments, it is the same location/provider. Just note that on your statements it will have the new pharmacy name.

We wanted to add something quick and fun to our covid-19 updates weekly, so we wanted to try a trivia! We will provide the answer in the next week’s update.

From last week’s trivia question, “What does COVID-19 stand for?” (multiple choice)

  1. It’s a term for Coronavirus Disease 19, because it’s the 19th strain of coronavirus discovered.
  2. It’s a term that stands for Coronavirus Disease 2019, the year it was first identified.

The correct answer was A! Great work to those who got it correct.

Your question this week is “What is a fomite?”

  1. A hospital-grade disinfectant
  2. A disease carrier
  3. A contaminated surface or object
  4. An immunity-boosting supplement

Have a superb week!