Dear Families,

We are happy to report once again that no residents or staff at Casa Loma and Comox Valley Seniors Village have tested positive for COVID-19. We have had a number of tenants’ express concerns over the past week regarding staff members wearing face masks while delivering direct care and serving in the dining room. Please know that we are following the directive from Island Health and know that this is all part of our commitment to keeping everyone safe.


 All health-care workers whose roles require direct contact with patients, clients and residents are advised to wear surgical/procedural masks when providing direct care to patients, clients and residents across Island Health.

 Who does this apply to?

 Surgical/procedural masks



The first day of May reminds us of many things, including Mother’s Day!

Reminder to please send in your photos of yourselves holding Mother’s day signs. Deadline of Friday at 4:00pm. Please send them to:

Kelly – kromeril@retirementconcepts.com for Long Term Care tenants

Miranda – msorensen@retirementconcepts.com for Independent/Assisted Living tenants


Thank you for all your support during this challenging time for the residents, staff and family and friends.


Comox Valley Seniors Village and Casa Loma