Visitation Plan – Casa Loma & Comox Valley Seniors Village IL/AL

As we move towards opening up our communities to more visitors, we will be working with our IL/AL tenants and families to ensure there is a clear understanding of essential and social visitors, and the provincial guidelines in regards to the visitor policy.

Indoor Visits (Essential Visits)

Indoor Visits will be restricted to essential visitors only, as per the MOH Guidelines:



Screening and process for visitor:

 Outdoor Visits (Social Visits)

  1. Maintain 2 meters of separation during your visit
  2. Wash your hands many times during your outing
  3. Wear a surgical or cloth mask at all times during your visit
  4. Have your visit in the outdoors – it is safer than an area of recycled air indoors
  5. Opt for a picnic versus a restaurant
  6. If you are travelling by car, maintain separation by sitting in the back seat and keep the windows open if possible
  7. Avoid unnecessary outings to shopping centres and grocery stores


Wacky Wednesday Continues!

“Dress Like a Farmer” day was a great success! Everyone seemed keen to wear their comfy flannel shirts and straw hats, staff and tenants included. Stay tuned for “Christmas in July” for next week.


Visit from the Courtenay Community Day camp

The Park Kids from the Courtenay Community day camp came for a visit yesterday, bringing with them beautiful handmade cards to give to the tenants of Casa Loma. Thank you so much to the kids and the counsellors for thinking of us. We had fun chatting with them and having an ice cream treat.



Family and Friend referrals to Casa Loma and CVSV

We are pleased to let you know about our referral program for present tenants at Casa Loma and CVSV. “A referral payment by way of a discount on their monthly rental for one time only is to be paid out to a resident referral source for a valid lead that moves into the community. The prospect must sign a rental agreement and be living in the community for a period of minimum three months to qualify.”

Please speak to Miranda, the Community Relations Manager, for more details


Thank you as always for your support and appreciation. Be kind, Be calm, Be safe.




The Team at Comox Valley Seniors Village and Casa Loma