Can anyone tell me the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo?? (Answer is at the bottom of the email) J


Again we are pleased to announce NO cases of reported outbreak nor signs nor symptoms of COVID-19 here at the Auburn Retirement Residences nor the Waverly Seniors Village!  Hats off to the INCREDIBLE staff in all departments, and the cooperation of all our loving families.  Thank you VERY much!


Quite understandably, there are a lot of restless people in our community who are very eager to spend time with their families. We are working closely with the heath department to move towards this… until then –  we continue to follow the protocols set for us and look forward to positive changes.


We would  love to hear of any ideas you may have for keeping spirits high!  If there are special things your family/ loved ones particularly enjoy please pass that along to us and we will do our best to see if we can create an even MORE positive environment here!  Thanks in advance.




Due to social distancing orders we are encouraging family members and loved ones to connect with your family member via telephone call, or FACETIME or SKYPE.


To inquire about facetime/skype or phone calls, please contact Heather at 604-799-1303 or email hbrougham@retirementconcepts.com




Puttin’ on the Ritz week has started!  We have Top Hats and Tiaras… glitter, glamour and prizes coming on Thursday!  And OH NO… one of our staff members might even take on some dancing :S to entertain your loved ones.




Dining rooms are still currently closed. We understand this is missed by many and we will do our best to open them back up as soon as we can without compromising anybody’s health.




We are accepting deliveries at the door that are being delivered to the residents as soon as they are sanitized and deemed safe.


THANK YOU for your patience, understanding and continued support!


A Hippo is quite heavy…. A zippo is a little lighter J


Stay Safe everyone,




Heather Brougham | Community Relations Manager

T: 604-792-3545 x 104 | C: 604-799-1303 | F: 604-392-0041



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