Welcome to the Weekly Auburn Update!

March 30th – April 2nd

General Manager’s Message:

We hope you are all enjoying the sunshine the last few days has brought us.  The view of the mountains has been astounding. We are noticing a lot of our tenants taking advantage and going for walks.

With the new COVID guidelines that happened this week – We are asking to limit visiting as much as possible.  We have also been receiving a lot of questions about when our dining room is going to open.  We are looking at how to reopen the dining room for all to enjoy safely.  With the new directives from the MOH regarding closing of restaurants, we will be revisiting this as an option after restaurants reopen.

We will continue to follow all directives from the MHO.

You can go to the BCCDC site to review the data for new cases.  http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/data#COVID-19Dashboard

Auburn Socials

With Easter this weekend we’ve made sure to add some cute bunnies and decorations to the Auburn.   Every Thursday we have treats with Wendy!  Come down to the Bistro to reserve your spot. We have two seating’s starting at 2pm.

All residents are welcome to come down to the Media room every Wednesday at 2pm for Crafts with Wendy and Susan.  Last week’s egg decorating was fun!

Come and enjoy a game of BINGO on Monday’s at 1:30pm in the Media room

Skeleton Park across the road has been getting a lot of gardening help by the city.  We look forward to another beautiful spring and summer season.

Please help us by reminding each resident daily of the following four items:

  1. Practice social/physical distancing (6 feet apart)
  2. Perform proper Hand Hygiene (Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds with the alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and hot water) 20 seconds or greater is so important.
  3. Remember masks must be worn in all common areas at Auburn.  Please try to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. If exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough and difficulty breathing) please alert staff immediately.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, And Stay Happy!