July 8th, 2020


Hooray!  Visits will be coming!   This is what everyone has been looking forward to and working so hard towards!  We will be fully prepared with designated visit locations and a visitation schedule we can start working with soon.

Once we have further details, we will ensure you are notified.

Once visits have been announced, you will need to schedule a time and when you do come for your visit, please keep the following in mind:


Let’s all do our best to ensure that we continue to make strides forward!  It is important that we follow all BCCDC and health board guidelines.

Visits will be booked in 50-minute segments.   Please allow for escorting to and from, a 30 minute visit and a 15 minute sanitization between visitors. Please be respectful of the timeframe so that everyone has equal opportunity to visit their loved ones. Also, please be on time because if you are late your visit will be cancelled as this will interrupt the whole days’ visits.


Everyone have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you very soon!




Heather Brougham | Community Relations Manager

T: 604-792-3545 x 104 | C: 604-799-1303 | F: 604-392-0041



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