Hello Families, Friends and Residents of Summerland Seniors Village;
Part of our COVID response planning is to send daily emails if we have a case or
suspected case of COVID-19 in our community.
As we have informed you, one of our residents had been exhibiting possible
COVID-19 symptoms. Their initial test came back inconclusive and we are waiting
on a re-test for determination. Once we know the outcome, we will update you.
No other staff member or resident currently has any symptoms of Covid. Should
anyone begin to exhibit symptoms, they will be tested and any required family
members or emergency contacts will be notified.
Please be mindful to remain in your suites for this duration unless the trip is
essential. Essential trips would be critical or time sensitive medical
We understand that some of the information may seem repetitive but we want to ensure
that you always have these details readily available to you.
We have been in contact with the health authority as well as with our own corporate
Emergency Response Team. We want to let you know that we have been engaging in
companywide COVID protocols, COVID calls and drills since April, and we are well
As the results are inconclusive, we have not been declared to be on “outbreak”. We,
along with the health authorities, are waiting for the outcome of the second testing. In
the meantime, we have begun implementing (and continuing what is already in place)
our COVID-19 protocols including:
– Contact tracing and placing those in close proximity with the potential positive
resident on Isolation
– Cancelling all visits that are not regarding health and safety (essential or
– No staff member working in multiple facilities
– Staff working strictly within an assigned unit and not multiple units
– Staff being temperature screened before entrance to the building and midway
through their shift
– Social distancing

– Consistent use of personal protective equipment for which there is education
each shift
– Ongoing environmental cleaning and increased frequency of high touch surface
– Reinforcement of staff and residents hand hygiene protocols including washing
hands with soap and water, and applying hand sanitizer regularly
– Deep cleaning of possible affected areas
– Dining rooms are closed and room service is being delivered.
– Recreation programs are canceled however We have recreation checking in on
those AL residents that are anxious and concerned and spending one to one
time with them while being fully compliant with PPE protocols and practices
We ask that you limit any products brought to the Community to those that are
absolutely necessary and in containers that can be sanitized
Please ensure those items brought for residents are placed on the carts outside the
building, and our greeters will sanitize the products before bringing them in. Please
ensure they are labelled with who the product is for and what room they are in
We ask that you limit your calls to essential calls only at this time as our staff is
dedicated to care of each of our residents and providing extra attention at this time.
We will be sending daily emails with the basic information as well as any updates. This
can also be found on our webpage at www.retirementconcepts.com.
As a resident, please make sure to inform staff if you are feeling unwell. As
friends and family, please remind your loved one to let us know if they have any
symptoms or feel unwell. Symptoms may include (do not need to have all
symptoms, but for even one symptom, please inform us) sore throat, headache,
cough, fever, tiredness, aches, sneezing, vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, loss
of taste or loss of smell.
Lastly, a huge thank you to this amazing team at SSV – they have done an amazing job
under extreme conditions and I can honestly say that your loved ones are in very good
hands with the team here. Their dedication and commitment during these times is
absolutely inspiring. I am very proud to work with all of you – and I sincerely thank you
for all you do.
Any questions please direct them to Debra Saunders at dsaunders@retirementconcepts.com