To all Family Members:

Thank you to all families of Dufferin Care Center for your patience, support and kindness during this difficult time. We are working diligently to care for our residents. We gain strength and energy from your words of support and encouragement.

Many families are requesting face to face visitations with their loved ones. Requests have also been received from families to visit from the courtyard. Regretfully, those requests have been denied due to the direction of FHA.

Status Update

The number of affected residents remains at eight residents, all of whom are in isolation on the first floor.

The number of affected staff is also unchanged, at six, and continue to be at home in self-isolation.

All residents continue to be monitored closely and their care needs are being met in the best manner possible. Should any of our residents  become symptomatic, they are swabbed, placed in isolation as a precaution until lab results are known, and families are informed.


Communication with all families continues via e-mail. Daily phone calls to the family members of the impacted residents will continue. If there are any changes in other residents,  families will be updated immediately. We also communicate with our affected staff three times per week.

Please refer to our daily updates on the Retirement Concepts Website.

We continue to be in daily communication with Fraser Health Authority representatives. Their support, advice and direction is truly appreciated.

If you have questions related to a specific resident, please address those matters to: info@retirementconcepts.com. As you might expect, staff are extremely busy, but we will respond as quickly as possible.

Lockdown at Dufferin Care Centre

The community remains on mandatory lockdown as per the Order of the Medical Health Officer.

We are following Dr. Bonnie Henry’s order to stop sharing staff between facilities.


Today we are fully staffed in the Laundry, CARE and Housekeeping departments. But remain short staff in Dietary and Recreation departments. FHA has deployed RCAs to fill in for our staffing shortages resulting in full CARE staffing complement.

Today is the sixth day that we are receiving meals from Lazy Gourmet catering company. The food delivery and food service is going very well.


We continue to monitor our supplies closely. We have received emergency supplies through our Corporate Procurement as well as Fraser Health.


Many of the staff have gone beyond expectations to provide safe, quality care for residents.

Thank you to the staff at CASCADES LODGE, Chilliwack, for their heartwarming messages and pictures of support for Dufferin Care Center staff!