September 16, 2021

Dear Families and Residents of Kamloops Seniors Village,

We appreciate your support as we know these are trying and uncertain times.

Our staff are working hard to keep your loved ones safe. We value our contact with families, however, a large volume of phone calls may detract from the staff’s focus on the residents’ immediate care needs. As always, any specific incidents or changes in a resident’s condition will continue to be communicated directly to the family contact, by either a staff member or by the doctor.



Our recreation team continues to support resident families by assisting with Virtual Video and Phone Call Visits with your loved one.

Please contact ksv-rec@retirementconcepts.com or 250-571-1806 to book your virtual visit or phone call. Time slots are structured to minimize traffic and movement.


Our care team is here to support the families. Our Director of Care, Deena Aspinall and the care team will be available for scheduled phone calls to answer your questions, concerns, or to get an update on your loved one. Please email Deena at daspinall@retirementconcepts.com or call 250-571-1805 to book your care team support call.

We hope this will provide greater assurance to families and ensure you remain part of the care approach.

If you have any other questions or concerns please reach out to Cara Haughton, our Community Relations Manager at 250-574-0037, or via email, chaughton@retirementconcepts.com and she will look into your inquiry or request.


Our last positive case was on Friday, September 10, 2021, therefore, in accordance with the 28- day timeline, if there are no further positive cases in either unit, we expect the outbreak period to end in 22 days.

 As of today, Thursday, September 16th, 2021, there has been no further developments since yesterday. We have had zero (0) further resident cases, therefore, our resident cases to date remain at ten (10), with only one (1) case still active.

We have zero (0) further staff member cases. Therefore, our staff case count to date is nine (9) cases, with only three (3) cases still active.

Therefore, our home’s total number of cases to date remains at nineteen (19), with only four (4) still active. Sadly we have had one (1) COVID-19 related death.

On September 14, 2021, per the Medical Health Officer, we rapid tested all 1B & 1C Residents and all came back negative. We are also rapid testing all staff on the 1B & 1C Neighborhoods, and all completed tests have come back negative as well. The Health Authority is permitting rapid tests for residents to decrease their discomfort.

As of today, September 16, 2021, the Medical Health Officer has directed that droplet precautions (Full PPE in between resident suites) can be reduced to the standard PPE. Full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols will remain in place for only symptomatic residents moving forward.

We are still continuing with low threshold testing in the event residents are showing any minor changes from their standard baseline behavior (i.e decreased appetite, lethargic etc). You will be contacted by phone if your loved one is to be tested.

What Does The Outbreak Mean?

Per the Interior Health and Medical Health Officer, the following Control Measures are in place:



 Recently, the Provincial Health Officer announced a mandate requiring the new vaccination passport to access certain non-essential services. Residents and tenants will need their own cards in the event families or companions wish to take their loved one to these applicable non-essential services as listed on the BC Government Website. To register for the BC Vaccine Passport you need the Date of Birth, Personal Health Number and one of the vaccine dose dates. Since most residents received their vaccines at KSV, we have the dose information to assist in generating the passport.

Therefore, for Complex Care Residents, please reach out to  Finance Coordinator, Kristine O’Connor, koconnor@retirementconcepts.com to provide you the necessary information for generating your Resident’s passport.

For Assisted and Independent Living tenants, that received their shots at KSV, the original vaccine cards have been provided to the tenants &/or designate. Therefore, we first recommend tenants to seek family assistance to generate their own passport for printing, but if it’s not feasible, the tenants or families can reach out to Amy Suerink, Clinical Lead, at asuerink@retirementconcepts.com to assist in printing passports as well.

All updates will continue to be communicated to you in daily communications such as this, which will also be posted to the Community Update Section of our Website after it is sent out to you.  If you have other family or friends who would like to be updated, please feel free to direct them to www.retirementconcepts.com.


All deliveries continue to be received.  All items will be sanitized and delivered directly to the resident’s suites.


The Kamloops Team