Weekly Update for Summerland Seniors Village, Friday, August 7-2020


Greetings Friends & Families,

There is nothing is more heartwarming than a beaming smile and we’ve had quite a few of those over the past couple of days. Communal dining is back! It was so nice to see the many happy faces in the dining room enjoying the company of friends and neighbours.

We recently sent a memo out regarding guidelines for both on and off site in person visits. The response has been positive and given the community yet another reason to smile. Like so many creatures that inhabit our planet, humans are social by nature and depriving us of the basic need to socialize is wreaking havoc on our community’s emotional and physical well-being. However, keeping in mind that the battle with Covid-19 is an ongoing reality, we ask that you continue with a vigilant attitude when it comes to social habits by adhering to the precautions necessary to mitigate the spread of Covid-19: practice social distancing, keep your social bubbles to a minimum, and wear a mask when deemed necessary.

For the friends and families of the AL/IL community that have opted for off property visits, we wish you the well-deserved quality time you have been anticipating for so long. We couldn’t be happier and know that everyone will do their best at succeeding in our collective commitment in keeping the residents of Summerland Seniors Village safe.

Please remember to send an email to the Therapeutic Recreation Manager Jane: jberrisford@retirementconcepts.com if you are interested in scheduling a visit and be sure to provide the following details:

  1. Your name and the resident’s name
  2. 3 options for your preferred time and date of visit

The available visiting times are:


Once your scheduled visit has been confirmed, you will be contacted via email with the date and time of your visit. Please complete the pre-screening questionnaire and email back with a confirmation of having completed this step and that you are symptom free 24 hrs prior to your scheduled visit.


We ask you to keep in mind that through all of this, we are following the direction of the M.O.H. and appreciate your patience and support as we navigate through uncharted waters together in an effort to offer the best assistance possible in bringing you closer together with your loved ones during these trying times.

We are also looking at being able to schedule back in window visits and face-time calls on a more regular schedule. If this this something you are interested in please reach out via email to Jane in the above listed email address and let us know. We are doing our best to accommodate every family’s requests for visits with their loved ones in whatever format works best for you!


Our Recreation Team is doing the best they can to accommodate the new in person visits while managing to keep daily activities rolling as well. Your cooperation, understanding and patience for the associated circumstances is appreciated.

General Store

The General Store remains open with distancing restrictions (1 person at a time) and a good selection of treats and necessities.


 Communal dining is back with our usual 2 sittings. It’s so nice to be able to get back to some level of normalcy.


All deliveries must come through the front entrance only and abide by guidelines set out in our previous communications. Once again, we remind folks not to leave deliveries on the carts provided after 4:30 PM.


As always, feel free to access the website for community updates on COVID related issues but most of all, let’s enjoy some weather while it lasts.


Warm Wishes

Summerland Seniors Village Team