Thursday, October 15-2020 Family Message Update

STAFF APPRECIATION! We wanted to share a special luncheon that Chef Connie and her incredible team provided for #teamwellesley on Wednesday afternoon. Great food and prizes for everyone! Thank you for all your support as we support our front line staff. We are very fortunate to have such a great team here and are thankful we get to take care of your loved ones on a daily basis!








Update on Visits:  We have adjusted our times for visits, so please adhere to the guidelines and please be reminded that showing up without a scheduled visit may mean you will not be able to see your family member that day. We are trying to accommodate everyone, but we have found lately that families are showing up in 2s or 3s, not wearing masks, bringing food or drink, not having an appointment and showing up and not being very kind to our team – and not adhering to the protocols that Island Health and BC work safe have set in place. We are making available again some guidelines that we want to share this week. Please review them. We want everyone to have a chance at visiting their family members, so please be kind and phone ahead at least 24 hours in advance to set your appointment. The schedule is set up in our system and accessible by the front desk. Thank you

FLU CLINIC:  Quadra Village Pharmacy and Anne Louie, Pharmacist was able to be here on Sunday, October 11 from 10-1:30 to administer flu shots to some of the Assisted Living building, the North Tower in the main building and floors 7 through 5 in the main building as well. We were told late Thursday evening that they were able to get 90 vaccinations so we wanted to ensure we were able to do this quickly. We are hoping to have another clinic in the next 2 weeks and will follow the same process as we did this past weekend Sabrina went door to door with a memo and times of the flu shot available. Please email Sharon directly if you have any questions about this at sunsworth@wcshm.com

POLLING STATION/BOOTH:  Renee got confirmation today from Elections Canada that they will be setting up a polling booth on-site for Thursday, October 22 and Friday, October 23. We are working on a plan, but because of social-distancing we want to ensure you are not waiting too long in line. We will be doing it by floor. Both days the polling station will be open from 9-6:30 pm. *You will receive a notice of your time to vote under or at your door thanks to Sabrina and Renee**

North Tower Elevator Project:

Thank you to all the residents in the North Tower accessing our outside elevator. We are awaiting the approval that we can re-open from the Fire Department and the Elevator Safety Authority. New flooring and lights have been installed as well. As soon as Joe gets the go-ahead we will re-open the elevator! Just in time for all this lovely rain we get here on the Island

Underground Parking:

Due to some safety issues – we are asking all residents and staff to take a moment to wait until the door closes after exiting the parking garage. We want to ensure the safety of our residents and staff by following these guidelines

MOVE OUT Protocols:

Please reach out to Sharon should you have any questions about removal of furniture/movers and how we go about doing this to ensure the residents remain safe. We have been arranging one move out per day when needed and trying to assist families with what will work within their schedule. Please know that in both buildings, we do not want to interrupt their meal times, so move out times are 9-11 am, 1:30-4 pm. Please arrange with me so that we can alert the residents and put signs up. sunsworth@wcshm.com


As we are only allowing essential visitors in the building as per guidelines, we would appreciate it if you let the front desk know of any issues PRIOR to making an appointment with them. Our Maintenance department has a full schedule of items to do daily, so please be patient when requesting assistance.

Furniture Delivery – Big Items:

Please do not arrange prior to calling the front desk. We want to ensure that we are adhering to all our protocols and ensuring we are sanitizing after the drop off.

The social visit program has been very successful and thank you to the families and friends who are adhering to our protocol. Those who are not adhering to our guidelines may be asked to leave. The most important part is that you cannot book a visit unless you are the designated visitor for a given resident. The Designated Visitor Form must be completed and submitted for approval. Please email the completed form to: snutchey@retirementconcepts.com.  . The designated visitor cannot be changed for the time being, until the government reviews their policies sometime this month. Please continue to book social visits (if you are a designated visitor) by phoning the Front Desk at 250-383-9099. We have had to adjust the visiting due to people showing up on unscheduled visits and impeding on other people’s scheduled visits so please try to understand we are working hard at facilitating all your requests. ***no food or drink is allowed during these visits***


Visits must be limited to 45 minutes maximum. Please familiarize yourself with our updated policies and procedures and thank you for your understanding and support in keeping everyone in our residence safe. Due to weather restrictions, we do have a new inside area to visit as well.

 ** Please note the change in time of visits due to meal times. 9-11 am, 1-4 pm, 6-7:45 pm


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Front Desk Team at 250-383-9099.

Thank You,

#Team Wellesley