Weekly Family Update for Summerland Seniors Village

Visitations with Family Members
We continue to facilitate our visits and provide programming. Please remember to send an email
to jberrisford@retirementconcepts.com if you are interested in scheduling a visit and be sure to
provide the following details:
a. Your name and the resident’s name
b. The type of visit preferred (face to face, window visit or FaceTime)
c. The date and time you wish for your visit
Once your scheduled visit has been confirmed, you will be contacted via email with the date and
time of your visit.
· Entry will be through the front entrance of the facility for face to face visits. If visiting outdoors
please get screened at the front entrance before making your way to the back courtyard.
· Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled visit.
· You will be required to wear a mask for the duration of your visit and we ask you to bring one.
· We are also suggesting masks to be worn by our residents for the safety of all.
· Do not bring anything with you for the resident. This includes: Food, drinks or packages of any
· Visits will be held with social distancing in place for the duration of the visit ie. you are not able
to physically touch each other
· Kindly note that in accordance with the B.C. Privacy Act, photos and/or videos will not be
permitted during visits.
· We ask you to keep in mind that through all of this, we are following the direction of the M.O.H.
and appreciate your patience and support as we navigate through uncharted waters together in
an effort to offer the best assistance possible in bringing you closer together with your loved
ones during these trying times.