COVID-19 Community Update from Beacon Hill Villa, June 6-2021


Dear all Dedicated Friends and Family of Beacon Hill Villa!


We wanted to take the opportunity to give a warm reminder that starting this week and into next week in British Columbia that it is Senior’s Week. As of October 2002, it was declared that the first week of June would be dedicated as being a celebration for seniors of British Columbia. The lives of all of the residents here at Beacon Hill Villa are cherished greatly and we want to give back to them for all that they have provided for the community. We hold with us the many stories, teachings, and experiences that seniors have passed down from generation to generation. Residents will be provided with recreational related games and fitness activities!

The Beauty of Elderly Hands

By Kelly Roper

Although the hands of the elderly may not be
Smooth, supple, and unblemished,
They have a beauty all their own.
Each line, each spot, each scar
Has its own tale to tell.
Some are tales of tragedy, others are tales of triumph,
But they all combine to tell the unique story
Of that treasured person’s life.
So the next time you’re with an elder,
Gently take that person’s hands within your own,
And look with wonder at a life truly lived.

UPDATE on how visit scheduling will be handled from now on.


All requests for a visit between visitors and residents will be booked by the HCSW (Health Care Support Worker) team. Visitors will contact the HCSW team either by phone or email, and will need to provide two choices of days for visiting times in the event that one day becomes unsuitable for either parties. Voicemails and emails will be responded to within 24 hours.


Any and all questions can be directed to the HSCW team at:


T: 250-383-5447 ext. 242


Or by email at bhv-screener@retirementconcepts.com


As things will look a bit different, here is a summary of what to expect when you visit:

In order to maximize our time so all families can benefit from booking a visit quickly:

Take care and stay safe,

Beacon Hill Villa Team