COVID-19 Community Update from Beacon Hill Villa, January 15-2021


Dear Dedicated Friends and Family of Beacon Hill Villa,

Things have been going smoothly for the Beacon Hill Villa Recreation Team. Family visits have continued as usual, as have recreation games and activities. New games and activities will be introduced at the end of this week, and we can’t be more excited for the residents to experience them!

We had a huge trivia game which is educationally engaging for the residents and the staff alike, as well as Bingo with prizes to be won!

The fitness and stretch program has been also been going strong, as has Crosswords, Story time, I-spy, and Tuck Shop.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and cooperation during this time.

Stay strong!







AT 1:30 PM


TOLL FREE: 1-833-353-8610

Participant Access Code:  9643143

Please join in and support your Family Council


Our Family Council is a supportive and dedicated form for families and friends of residents in long-term care.  We bring together families and facility staff to exchange timely and valuable information pertaining to the well-being of our loved ones.  We also provide support, education and a venue for discussing collective concerns.

Our Family Council which normally meets monthly is assisted by Advocates for Care Reform (ACR).  This provincial organization helps establish and support all Family Councils within British Columbia and is dedicated to improving the quality of care and the quality of life for all residents living in long-term care.

As President of BHV Family Council I invite you to email me with any questions, concerns and/or positive feedback you may have.  Your concerns will remain confidential unless otherwise advised.  I can be reached at



The COVID-19 vaccination roll out is moving quickly and many have appointments to receive their first dose. We expect that VIHA will be starting to provide vaccinations to residents of Long Term Care and Assisted Living in mid-January. This work is critically important and we are working hard with Island Health to prepare.  One thing that Island Health has asked us to stree: These clinics are for residents only.  Staff and Essential visitors will continue to be contacted by Island Health for appointments at a clinic off-site.

If your family member/loved one living at Selkirk Seniors Village is not capable of consenting to a vaccine and you are their legally appointed Health Representative or Temporary Substitute Decision Maker, you will be contacted to provide consent on their behalf.

More information about the vaccine is available at the BCCDC website

We are offering scheduled alternating week visits at a time & date that works for you (once every two weeks)   OR   weekly visits which fit into our pre-set schedule calling out free spots about 3 days prior to availability. Recreation has gotten in contact with most of the designated visitors, please email tdunn@retirementconcepts.com/ or call 250-383-5447, ext. 221 if you have not been contacted.

As things will look a bit different, here is a summary of what to expect when you visit:

In order to maximize our time so all families can benefit from booking a visit quickly:

Take care and stay safe, Beacon Hill Villa Team