February 4, 2022

Dear Friends and Family Members,

Hello from Kamloops Seniors Village! We received more snow this week, it sure was a lot more than we were expecting! It will be interesting to see which Groundhog’s prediction is correct since both East Coast Groundhogs were conflicted – maybe it’s about time the west coast has it’s own Groundhog eh?


We are pleased to report that we have zero (0) Assisted-Independent Living cases, and only one (1) active staff case from a Kamloops Community Exposure.

On Tuesday, we were able to safely re-open the Assisted & Independent Living dining room for regular meal service– the tenants had so many smiles coming down the hallway!

We continue with our precautionary measures with tenants requiring to wear their mask outside of their room and during recreation activities, as well as practice hand hygiene.


 As previously reported, our Complex Care 2nd Floor Foyer will be getting a refresh next week, starting on Monday, February 7, 2022. It is a 7 day flooring project and will be conducted in three phases. The existing carpet is getting replaced with a nice laminate flooring.

We request that visitors follow all signage and safety precautions when walking through the affected area.


 We are extremely happy to report that we finally received the updated Visitation information from Interior Health!

Therefore, we will be welcoming the single designated visitors back to Kamloops Seniors Village on Monday, February 7, 2022, in addition to existing essential visitors!

The current visitation parameters only limit who enters the building, however tenants and Complex Care residents are permitted to be picked up and taken out of the building for outings.

Single Designated Visitors need to be documented in the resident’s record as part of the resident’s care planning.

For new KSV residents/tenants/families, please email Carollyn with your designated visitor:

Essential visits include, but are not limited to:

For Assisted & Independent Living Essential Visit requests, please contact Amy Suerink, AL Clinical Manager asuerink@retirementconcepts.com. For Complex Care Essential Visit requests, contact Deena Aspinall, Director of Care, daspinall@retirementconcepts.com.


Every visitor 12 years and older entering Kamloops Seniors Village will have a rapid test conducted per recent mandates by the Provincial Health Officer:


 As directed by Interior Health, all visitors (ages 5 years and up) are now required to keep their mask on at ALL times while in the building, including while in their family member’s/friend’s private room, until further notice.

A reminder that guests are not permitted to consume food or drink while in the home since their masks must be kept on at all times, therefore please do not bring in any items for yourself, only for the resident/tenant.

We wish to thank families and loved ones in advance for their patience and cooperation.  We will continue to keep you updated as new information is available.


The KSV Team