COVID-19 Community Update from Beacon Hill Villa, December 24, 2020


Dear Dedicated Friends and Family of Beacon Hill Villa

The time is almost here! The holiday is near!

Beacon Hill Villa elves had the tremendous task of organizing and wrapping over one hundred gifts kindly donated by London Drugs. It took all of our strength and team building expertise to get this monumental task completed in time for Christmas, and luckily it was a success. The donations were definitely a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Also a huge shout out to Peggy Hanyck for donating hand knitted scarves and blankets. The residents will love them, and are much needed as the colder winter months approach. Another big thank you to Marlene Schlotterbeck of the Family Council for the knitted scarves for the recreation staff – we greatly appreciate it! Another big thank you goes to all of the designated visitors, family, and friends that dropped off presents for their loved ones, and another huge thank you to those that dropped off sweets and goodie gifts for the staff – yum!

We can’t thank you all enough. This year has been hard, and this year’s struggles will undoubtedly carry into the next year, but we can all agree that we’ve remained steadfast and strong, and that our love, our companionship, and our support for one another have tripled.

Stay safe out there everyone! Cheers!


We are offering scheduled alternating week visits at a time & date that works for you (once every two weeks)   OR   weekly visits which fit into our pre-set schedule calling out free spots about 3 days prior to availability. Recreation has gotten in contact with most of the designated visitors, please email tdunn@retirementconcepts.com/ or call 250-383-5447, ext. 221 if you have not been contacted.

As things will look a bit different, here is a summary of what to expect when you visit:

In order to maximize our time so all families can benefit from booking a visit quickly:

Take care and stay safe,

Beacon Hill Villa Team