Father’s Day

All the gentlemen enjoyed their steak and eggs lunch and were happy to try the beer on tap: Glacier Cream Ale from the Comox brewery, Land and Sea. Thank you Land and Sea, for providing beer glasses for all the men at a more favourable cost.  Big success!

Guest Suites in Casa Loma

We have been receiving some phone inquiries about our Guest Suites in Casa Loma. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our guest suites for rent, due to the present visitor restrictions, mandated by the Health Authority. Any new admission to our communities are still required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Guidance for Visits in Independent and Assisted Living  

We acknowledge that we are only able to suggest guidelines around visits with family members of IL/AL. Please know that we are proud of continuing to provide a safe COVID-19 free community and hope that if you do choose to take your family member out for a visit that you follows recommendations that mirror those told to us by Dr Henry.

 Maintain 2 meters of separation during your visit

  1. Wash your hands many times during your outing
  2. Wear a surgical or cloth mask at all times during your visit
  3. Have your visit in the outdoors – it is safer than an area of recycled air indoors
  4. Opt for a picnic versus a restaurant
  5. If you are travelling by car, maintain separation by sitting in the back seat and keep the windows open if possible
  6. Avoid unnecessary outings to shopping centres and grocery stores

Thank you Cards from Puntledge Park Elementary

We were thrilled to receive beautiful cards from the students at Puntledge Park Elementary School this week. This is a small sample of the art work and the lovely messages from the kids. Thank you so much!

 We are pleased to continue to report that no staff or residents are presenting COVID-19 signs or symptoms at Casa Loma Seniors Village and Comox Seniors Village. Thank you for your continued adherence to our no visitor policy. All the updates are posted to our website for easy reference. Should the status of this community change in any respect, please know that we will immediately contact families.

Thank you for all your support and cooperation during this challenging time. It is so important for the residents, staff and for family and friends.


The Team at Comox Valley Seniors Village and Casa Loma