Hello Families and Friends of Nanaimo Seniors Village :


As you know, current COVID-19 guidelines in Long Term Care and Assisted Living Communities have been revised once again. We are currently awaiting direct instruction from Island Health to ensure all proper protocols are implemented. Once we have this information we will ensure it is communicated to you in a timely fashion.


In the meantime we ask that when visiting you continue to visit only your loved one and avoid engagement with others while on site. Those of you who are visiting outdoors are still required to come into the entrances to be screened prior to the outdoor visit.


Also, with our warmer weather here just a reminder to please keep a safe distance from other families that may be visiting outdoors as well.

We are looking at putting up our tents to provide shaded areas for the visits and reminding families to ensure they are bringing hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for their loved ones as we are unable to share items between residents.


Sunshine is here J


It has been very exciting watching the residents enjoy the outdoors and last week’s bar-b-que was a success. We had live entertainment and some of our residents we up there dancing. You can find some of the pictures on the social media platforms- Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Look us up, Retirement Concepts Nanaimo Seniors Village.


We are all well aware of the benefits the sunshine has to mood and physical health with the added vitamin D. and want our residents to reap the rewards!


The new guidelines around the bus outings for our LTC residents does not come without it`s challenges. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of an overlap which has left us maneuvering around the previous guidelines of co-horting residents and staff.

Please know we are working diligently to ensure best possible delivery of care in every aspect and bus outings are no exception. In an effort to offset the time delay in getting the bus outings going for our LTC residents there will be a focus on increasing the outdoor physical activities to keep our residents engaged.

We will be bringing our challenges forward in our Covid-call tomorrow and will have an update for you in next week’s newsletter.

When you visit you will see our gardeners in full force, building exterior repairs being completed, and the pond and fountain cleaned and refreshed.  We are giving our 2nd floor patio in Assisted Living a facelift, will be removing and replacing some of the old tiles and repainting our shuffle board. We have purchased many new flowers for our LTC resident gardens and will be purchasing some new patio furniture for residents in Pacific Place wing to enjoy.


We take pride in our surroundings and we want the residents to be able to take pride in theirs.



So many amazing things yet to come


Please feel free to connect with the Acting General Manager Jennifer Laube if you have any questions or concerns. jlaube@retirementconcepts.com phone # 250-760-2302.