9 Fun Things To Do When Visiting Your Loved One in Senior Assisted Living

cheerful grandfather in a wheelchair opening arms to welcome a hug from visiting family member

We understand that sometimes visiting an assisted living or complex care facility isn’t always easy. Planning something fun to do is a great way to brighten your loved one’s day and bring you closer together. If you’re looking for ideas, here are nine fun activities to do with seniors. 

  1. Go out to eat.
    Sharing a meal is a great way to spend quality time with family. If your loved one is unable to leave the residence, consider bringing them their favourite meal or eating with them in the dining room.
  1. Catch a movie.
    If going to a cinema is too much, you can always bring some favourites and watch movies or TV shows in their room.
  1. Take a walk in the park.
    Go for a stroll in a nearby park or walk the gardens of the nursing home. If your loved one can’t walk, offer to push them in a wheelchair.
  1. Play a game.
    There’s no shortage of options to spend a pleasurable few hours. If your loved one has a hard time holding cards or following complicated rules of play, consider dice games or bringing an iPad or tablet.
  1. Take in some live music.
    Visiting a restaurant with a live band is a great option. Or, you can listen to or watch recordings of their favourite musicians from the comfort of the nursing home. Read our blog all about music and memories here!
  1. Create an art project.
    Head to a local paint night, where you’ll be guided by local artists to complete a masterpiece you can take home. Or arrange to host such an event at the residence for your loved one and the other residents.
  1. Read aloud.
    This is a great activity you can do over the course of many visits. Ask them to choose their favourite book or pick out something new and read a chapter or two when you see them.
  1. Reminisce over old pictures and home movies.
    Take a trip down memory lane by looking at family photos they may not have seen for many years. Who knows what memories and stories this will spark.
  1. Take them to get pampered.
    Take them for a manicure or massage, but make sure the practitioner is someone who’s used to treating seniors who may need a softer touch. Or, you can offer to massage them or do their nails in the comfort of their room.

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