Weekly Family Update for Summerland Seniors Village Wednesday, December 23rd/ 2020
Due to the recent Medical Health Officers orders and increasing Covid cases in the Province the following Rules are being clamped down on and implemented in the RECREATION face to face visits, window visits and FaceTime calls:
1. We will allow for one designated family member/tenant or resident to visit during face to face visits for 30 minutes. This person cannot change week to week.
2. There will only be one 30 minute visit/tenant or resident allowed/day. This applies regardless of your type of visit. For example is you book a window visit at 10:00 am, your other family members cannot book a face to face or a Facetime call for that same day at another time.
3. Window visits may have more than one family member visit with your loved one at a time. Window visits are for 30 minutes.
4. FaceTime calls have no limitations and are for 30 minutes/call. As per the rules listed above only one designated family member may visit face to face. Please discuss as a family who that might be. To book a visit please EMAIL me at jberrisford@retirementconcepts.com
Please note the designated visitor for face to face visits can NOT change day to day or week to week. Remember we are doing our due diligence to keep your loved ones safe. We know this is not ideal but we at Summerland Seniors village are committed to keeping Covid out of the building.
Jane Berrisford
Recreation Manager
**Please note recreation does not coordinate essential visitor visits. Please contact GM, Christy Baker at cbaker@retirementconcepts.com for assistance with essential visits.
Good day all, I wanted to provide you all with an update regarding Christmas plans after our update from Dr. Bonnie Henry. The information is as follows:
•Essential visits and visitor practices will be to contact reception and ask to be added to the schedule moving forward. Please ensure you permit at least 48 hours prior to the visit prefer registering for the visit.
• Any person identified as the “Essential Visitor” will still have the ability to continue visits as per the previous protocols – nothing has changed by way of protocols once in the Community
• Protocols remain unchanged for sign in, PPE, etc.
• Any visitors who have been to visit any other loved ones or been in Village by the Station or McKinney sites are asked to refrain from visiting at this time.
• Christmas parties, Christmas dinners etc. have been limited to those families that live in one residence. What this me
and is that you will not be able to go to your families homes for dinner, Christmas morning, etc. If you are an essential visitor, or you have an essential visitor, they are still able to visit via the scheduled visits booked through the reception department (Chris, Jody or Angie).
• AL residents – the MHO continues to request that you DO NOT visit homes where you don’t reside over Christmas. We are asking folks to please abide by this decision, and respect the MHO’s direction. Please visit the link
https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/medical-health-officers – for a list of all the rules as outlined by the MHO
• Some tenants are indicating they can go out to their families homes if they self-isolate upon return. Again, we are respectfully asking everyone to follow the direction of the MHO and to avoid potential contamination to the entire Community by keeping Christmas to where you live – and not at other people’s homes in group gatherings. Please see the MHO’s full list of dire ctions via the link listed above if you would like more information.
My name is Verna Hetterley. I moved into Summerland Seniors Village 6 years ago shortly after my dear husband passed. Not a day goes by without me being grateful that I chose this place as my home. I truly feel like I belong here. The many friends that I have made since living here has made my time so very special. I have decorated my apartment the
way I want and I love it. The staff in the dining room warm my heart when they refer to me as Mumma V.
A little bit about myself is that I was born in Regina Sask. I attended school in Regina and in Brock Sask. After completion of school I went on to enjoy a career as a telephone operator which I enjoyed 26 years of. I moved to Penticton in 1970 and it was the beautiful climate that enticed me to stay and make it my home. The next 3 years I worked as a Care Aide at Haven Hill Care home in Penticton. When the opportunity of becoming a telephone operator again with the Okanagan Telephone Company, I jumped at it. I worked there until it closed. My life keeps me very busy with socializing and being involved around the Village, which is so rewarding. I would encourage anyone considering a move here to definitely consider it. Your life will be so much richer!