Good afternoon Friends and Families,

The daily communications we send to you are also posted to our Website each day after they are sent out to you. If you have other family or friends who would like to be updated, please feel free to direct them to www.retirementconcepts.com

The test result for the symptomatic staff member came back positive on December 4th. This team member was on site December 1st and 2nd working on the Culinary team serving the 1st, 4th and half of the third floor (322-336), with the exception of those already on droplet precautions. The employee was wearing PPE at all times, and was in minimal contact with residents.

Public Health was notified immediately on Friday evening. We have spoken with Public Health as well as the Medical Health Officer, and as they deem us low risk, they are not declaring an Outbreak. This could change should any further cases appear. They will continue to monitor us and we will remain under isolation for the next while.

From the contact mapping exercise performed, there were 48 residents and 18 team members identified to have possible contact with the team member. As a precaution, all of these were swabbed on Saturday and results have been received for all but 2. All results thus far have been negative and we’re very fortunate for that! The symptomatic resident that was reported in previous communications has also come back negative for COVID-19.

At this time there are no symptomatic residents or staff.

We would like to thank you for all for your understanding, patience and support.

Starting tomorrow, the Recreation team will be supporting certain residents who are not on droplet precautions to go for a walk around the community one on one with a mask on, should they wish to leave their suite. We understand that physical and social isolation can be very detrimental long term and we’re doing whatever we can to ensure their engagement.

Starting at lunch November 27th, we implemented room service for residents. Both lunch and dinner continue to be
served to residents in their rooms until further notice. We acted promptly and proactively as a preventive measure,
and the Medical Health Officer and Public Health were both thoroughly impressed with our quick response, as well
as with the active measures we undertook.

Unfortunately, we must continue to cancel all family visitations, and pause any recreation or social activities. Unless
essential, we ask all residents to cancel any outside appointments.

We will continue with daily updates to the families of residents. You will also receive a memo when there is new
information is to be shared. If you would like any additional information on your family member or loved one,
please contact Sanaah Dodhia at sdodhia@retirementconcepts.com or at (604) 539-3301.

Thank you very much,

Sanaah Dodhia
General Manager