retirement home

There comes a time in every person’s life when it becomes much harder to live independently. There are many different ways to handle this stage. But it’s often best to find somewhere that can give more aid throughout the day.

A retirement home can be the perfect place for a person to spend these years. With more than 2,000 options around the country, it can be overwhelming to start trying to find the best fit.

This is a big decision, whether you’re making it for yourself or for a loved one. So you want to be as prepared and confident as possible. Check out this list of the top ten questions you should be sure to ask when looking at senior living facilities.

1. Are There Different Accommodation Packages?

As you’re looking through the living spaces, it’s helpful to know if there are other options. Often, there will be a variety of accommodation packages so you can get a more customized experience. You may want to see all the options before making a decision!

Ask questions about where the rooms will be located and how that relates to the rest of the property. It’s helpful to get a real sense of what daily life is going to look like there.

2. What Is the Cost Breakdown?

You should not choose a retirement community without knowing what it’s going to cost. This is one of the biggest determining factors, so be prepared to pay close attention to this answer! You’ll want to know what your overall cost is going to be and what is included in that cost.

A budget breakdown of each item is the most helpful to truly understand the cost of living in a retirement home.

3. How Do You Help With a Smooth Transition?

Getting older is a hard transition for most people. It’s hard not to be able to do all the things you used to be able to do by yourself. Losing independent living is often another blow. That’s why the transition into the retirement home is such a crucial time.

It’s a good idea to ask what the process looks like for moving in. Then you can work with the staff members to have the best experience.

4. What Are the Visitor Policies?

One way to make the transition much smoother is to have regular scheduled visitors. This helps bring a little bit of your previous life to the retirement home. Check with the staff member to see what visitor policies are like at the facility. There may be some time or other restrictions you’ll need to know about.

Don’t forget to ask about pets or animals visiting as well!

5. How Are the Staff Trained Before Working with Residents?

Most people decide to look at senior living facilities because they need the help of trained staff. So you’ll want to know what kind of education or accreditations they have.

Beyond certificates, staff should also be held to a high standard of care. You want to know there aren’t going to be any issues while there. If you or your loved one has specific needs, this is the chance to see if the staff is prepared to help with those things.

6. Are Transportation Services Available?

It’s important to know all about life inside of the retirement home. But you may also want to know about how getting out works as well. Many residents have many things they’ll need to leave the facility for; doctor’s appointments, family events, and so on.

Be sure to ask about transportation services through the facility. They may be available or there may need to be another plan made before moving in!

7. What Level of Medical Care Can You Give?

Speaking of doctor’s appointments, those are a huge part of life as an elderly person. One of the most important things to know is how much medical care is provided at the retirement home.

Each facility operates at different levels of healthcare. Some don’t offer any of these kinds of services, while others have nurses on staff to help with a variety of things. Be specific about the issues you or your loved one has so the staff can help you make the right choice.

8. What Kind of Activities Are Offered?

A huge perk of living in a retirement home is the social aspect. It’s much easier to do things when it’s all conveniently located right where you live. Check with the staff about what activities are regularly offered at the facility.

You’ll want to know how you or your loved one will be helped to get there and participate as well. It’s also great to know how holidays are celebrated so you can get a good idea for those days too!

9. How Many Safety Measures Are in Place?

Living longer means there are inherently a lot more risks you have to face throughout your day. It’s a good idea to make sure there are adequate safety measures in place for seniors living in retirement homes. This looks like alarms in their rooms, pull bars in the restrooms, and regular check-ins from the staff.

10. What Have Other Residents and Their Families Experience Been?

The last thing you should ask is for reviews from residents and their families. Nothing helps you see what living somewhere is really like than the words of people who have done it!

If you have specific concerns, this is the place to look for those answers. You can find a lot of valuable information in these kinds of reviews!

Everything to Ask When Touring a Retirement Home

Picking a retirement home for you or your loved one is a major decision. The last thing you want is to be disappointed with the choice you made.

Taking your time to take a senior house tour can make all the difference in feeling comfortable (and confident) with your selection. Be sure to take notes and ask as many questions as you can think of.

Our team at Retirement Concepts is dedicated to helping you. We’ve offered senior living spaces for nearly three decades with great success. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour, contact us today!