What our families, residents, and staff have to say:


To: The Gardens in Qualicum Beach

I have lived in Qualicum Beach for 28 years and when it came time to look for a senior’s home, I chose The Gardens as I had heard many complimentary remarks about it.

This is a well run establishment and I feel safe and happy here. The Gardens has a lot to offer including helpful, friendly and courteous staff which of course is important.

We are served two tasty nutritious meals each day, coffee in the morning and afternoon an snack; these are all prepared by our own chefs and cooks who provide us a with a good variety of choices.

The servers and housekeeping staff are efficient, polite and friendly.  The living and recreational areas are clean and comfortable, outside we have beautiful flowers and landscaping, also a pond and fountain that make the area very attractive.

Peggy Feist

Peggy Feist

There is so much going on for the residents there is no need to be lonely, there are weekly bus trips for shopping and appointments and once a month a bus trip to a restaurant for a lunch outing. Entertainment three times a week which is most enjoyable and many special occasions offered, this place is a hive of activity!

When family and friends come to visit me their comment is always “what a lovely place to be living in”  I would recommend The Gardens to anyone looking for a active retirement community.

-Peggy Feist (The Gardens at Qualicum Beach)





To Whom it May Concern:

A little over 2 years ago, my wife and I decided that having reached our mid 80’s, a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a large garden was slowly getting too much  for us….. and would become moreso. It was time to think about a Retirement Home.

bantocks QB

The Bantocks!

I started by obtaining brochues from 3 establishments  in the Parksville/Qualicum area. From these, “The Gardens” looked the most promising. The next step was a visit to all 3. This put “The Gardens” even further ahead. A discussion with our son and our financial adviser was final confirmation. Upon leaving “The Gardens” our son looked at the entrance hall and stairway and said “I have been in many worse 4 star hotels than this”.

We moved in May 2011. We were lucky enough to obtain one of the larger 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Independent living suites on a corner of the ground floor. It was immaculate. Sliding French windows opening on to a small patio with a patch of garden either side. Lawns and gardens stretching out in front.

Life here has lived up to expectations. The food,very satisfactory indeed (…not up to “The Savoy” in London I agree). The entertainment,  the house keeping etc.. In fact, everything.  The real bonus is the staff. Everyone is kindness itself. Nothing is too much trouble. The Servers in the Dining Room (Lunch and Dinner) are exceptionally patient, they cannot be faulted.

High on the list of reasons for “The Gardens” rating as top class, is that Residents comments/complaints are listened to, and acted upon a great number of times. We consider ourselves very lucky and fortunate to be living here. We would not hesitate to recommend “The Gardens” to anyone thinking about retirement homes.

Yours Faithfully,
Joan and Harry R. Bantock (The Gardens at Qualicum Beach)


To Whom it May Concern:

I cannot believe that it is over one year that I have been living here at the Wellesley. I must be getting old. Rob, I would like to pass on my appreciation to you and your staff for making my first year here, pleasant and enjoyable. Your staff from the front desk to the kitchen goes out of their way to ensure that all of us are as comfortable as possible. I have expressed in the past about our Marketing Coordinator Margo Mcintosh, I’m continually impressed on how devoted she is to her job. I’m convinced she goes home many nights thinking of ways to fill the Wellesley. If all organizations had a devoted employee as Mrs. Mcintosh, they would thank their lucky stars daily.

When I moved in I saw an exceptional well organized, staff from the Kitchen Staff, the Cooks, the housekeepers and the maintenance men, bookkeeper and the many part time staff that are helping out. Nothing has changed; in fact almost daily I see your staff go out of their way to ensure the residence needs are met. I cannot begin to tell you how many times one or all have been there for me, for that I wish to express my sincere appreciation. It must be very difficult for our head Chef (Connie) to continue to come up with a menu that will satisfy all,( that is almost impossible,) but she tries her best. The entire staff in the dining room goes out of their way, to make our eating area a friendly place. Rob I can assure you we all appreciate their efforts.

Sitting at my table I notice a residence being helped to their table, with their meals, taking out their walkers, etc. All of this adds to comfort of the residence, it seems everyone you have on staff main goal is to be there for all of us. For that I’m thankful.  I have stated in previous letters to you and your superiors how much I appreciate your “open door” policy that you have, it makes it so much easier for residence to feel free to come and talk to you. That is very important.

Also I have stated previously how much my visitors have commented on the outstanding service, cleanness, the great atmosphere, they notice when they come here. It is no wonder we were number one for the year 2012.

Lord willing I will have many more years here, for that again I’m truly thankful. Moving here (as stated in an article published and on TV) was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Please pass on my sincere appreciation to all.

-Chuck Addison (Tenant at the Wellesley)

Irene & Kurt

Irene & Kurt

To Whom it May Concern

My husband, Kurt, moved into the 24 hour care building of Nanaimo Seniors Village back in January of 2011. I was still maintaining our home and catching the bus back and forth to the Village to see Kurt every day when I made the decision to move to the Assisted Living building. I was tired of continually having to catch buses which required me to always be ‘on schedule’, having to maintain a home and always cooking meals for myself. It was the best decision I have made!

Now I can walk back and forth from Kurt’s suite to my own apartment as often as I like and at any time, without ever having to go out of doors as the buildings are connected and, quite often, Kurt comes to visit me and spend time in my suite.

Now I have time to enjoy life and make new friends, take part in the recreation and enjoy my meals in the dining room.

I feel much more relaxed and I enjoy Kurt and I being back together again!

- Irene & Kurt B. (Nanaimo Seniors Village)

To Whom it May Concern

I was at Rosemary Heights yesterday as my sister and I were removing our mom’s belongings from her room.  I was hoping to meet you and express our family’s thanks and that of our mom for the very loving care she received from your staff.  Although our mom was not with you very long, she did connect with many members of your staff and mentioned numerous times to me, my sister and nieces how wonderful they treated her and always with a smile.

We miss her very much but she has left us in peace and with everlasting memories of a very loving mother, “nana” and great “nana”.

To Rosemary Heights Seniors Village,

My husband was admitted to 1 East in Rosemary Heights in June of this year. As a caregiver, I realize my feelings on this are no different from anyone else in the same situation. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I didn’t know my body could produce so many tears.

However, I am writing to say that I have never known or heard of an institution that would, and does, make everything possible for Gerald to be as content as can be under his circumstances. Rosemary Heights has provided ample staff and they show so much care and compassion for the residents – they are always there for our loved ones.

The activity program you provide, is exceptional much needed and appreciated. Additionally, the off site activities for those who are able to participate provide beneficial stimulation and an enjoyable change of environment. Residents (and often family friends) do enjoy the entertainment and programs that Pam so wonderfully arranges.

I have come to realize that the staff who are caring for my dear husband are as concerned for me as they are for him. Everyone has been so helpful to both Gerald and me through this difficult journey. This is making it possible for me to cope and adjust to these unavoidable changes in our lives.

Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel for all your help and provisions!

Thank you. Most Sincerely,

Audrey Kilpatrick

To: Rosemary Heights Seniors Village

I have just returned from a 6 day visit with my parents who are residents at your facility. I found the residence well kept, the food very good and the staff to be most helpful. The suite that Dad has on the assisted living side is very nice, and the common areas were very comfortable and neat. The staff was very accomodating to me during my visit.

Mom is now on the full care side, and again the staff was very good to Mom. It has been a very difficult year for my parents as they have transitioned from their home, to your residence. Thank you for all your help and understanding during this challenging time. I feel very gratified that they are in a safe and comfortable environment. This gives my siblings and me a peace of mind. We appreciate the work that you do in helping people in the sunset years of their lives.

-Family Member

To: Guildford Seniors Village

My father, Ernest Pederson was a resident in the frail section of Guildford Seniors Village from March 2011 until he passed away in April 2012. I am very happy with the care and attention he received from all the staff members during his stay. As I was able to spend significant amounts of time visiting with him, I can attest to the impact that the recreational activities also had on improving his quality of life. He participated in making and painting birdhouses, various other crafts, horseshoes, story creation, etc.

He loved the musical entertainment provided by guests, and the special holiday celebrations. I cannot emphasize enough, how important the recreation department is to the happiness and well being of the residents. It is also a boost to visiting family members. I know in my case, it provided me with many wonderful memories with my Dad during the past year.

In light of this, my sister and I are donating $250.00 each to the Guildford Seniors Village to be used by the Recreation department in memory of our father, Ernest Pederson. (I am enclosing our cheques with this letter). We also made note of that when posting his death notice in the newspaper- asking that in lieu of flowers donations could be made to the Guildford Seniors Village, specifically earmarked for the Recreation Department.

Thanks again to all the staff at GSV for making the last year of my Dad’s life a pleasant one.

Deborah Pederson


My name is Gloria Ewing and I just finished my preceptorship at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity you’ve given to all of us (students at Stenberg College) to do our practicum and preceptorship at Rosemary.  I feel now I’m quite prepared to face the working field thanks to the hands-on experience I acquired at your facililty.

All of the staff  were so kind and willing to help in whatever doubt I had,  and not only that, they always showed love, care, respect  and compassion towards  the residents which gave me an even better impression of the quality of people you have working in your facility. Once again, many thanks to you and to all the staff at Rosemary Heights.”

-Gloria Ewing (Student)

 “I just wanted to let you know how fabulous we think Rosemary Heights is. My mom has not been happy in years, but she is truly happy at Rosemary Heights. She keeps saying everyone is so kind to her. I can’t believe she is going to concerts and bingo! She has been a bit of a loner all her life.  I really didn’t think she would change at this time of her life, but with gentle coaxing she is going to many events and enjoying them.

All the staff from the nurses to the aids to the activity staff are all kind, loving and fun. It’s just amazing to see my mom continue to thrive and bloom. What impresses me the most is if they say they are going to do something they actually do it ! I was so impressed when mom had a early appointment at the hospital they had said she would be ready at 7.30 am she was dressed, bathed and even had a breakfast tray ready for her. Mom had wanted a bath before she saw the doctor and somehow they managed to bath her before I got there.

We had such a horrid experience with a different facility that I was skeptical that the care and quality wouldn’t be what you had advertised, but it certainly has lived up to it so far. So many thanks to all the staff there. ”

Best Regards ,
-Anonymous Family Member (Rosemary Heights Seniors Village)

“My Dad John, really enjoyed his stay at the Terraces. He met lots of great friends there and the staff were so courteous and friendly. He was always met with a smile, hello and have a nice day as he went for walks with his dog Paris. I would definitely recommend The Terraces on 7th to any of my friends looking for senior care for their parents in the South Granville area.”

-Paul Hollas (Son of Resident at Terraces on 7th)