Licensing Reports

Retirement Concepts is committed to transparency. We see no reason why anyone should need to use a Freedom of Information request to get important information about a seniors’ care home.

We also believe the public deserves a balanced view.  Caring for elderly residents is extremely challenging, but our staff is committed to providing the best care possible. We know better than anyone that seniors care is a difficult job. Mistakes can and do happen in the private as well as the public systems, not just at our facilities, but across the board. This is inevitable in a system where we have people looking after other people.

Incidents at our facilities need to be seen in context. We have over 1,500 staff at 17 seniors’ housing communities across the province looking after close to 3,000 residents every day. The number of substantiated incidents investigated by the licensing authorities in any given year is a fraction of a percentage point of the total number of care days provided by our staff.

It should be noted that legislation governing seniors’ care makes it mandatory for us to report virtually any incident that could have an impact on the health and safety of our residents. These range from procedural oversights such as failing to properly record the dispensing of medicine, to facility maintenance emergencies such as backed up toilets. While residents and family members do sometimes lodge complaints with the licensing authorities, the vast majority of incidents are reported directly by us.

But what’s important is to have checks and balances in place to reduce mistakes to an absolute minimum, and also to have procedures to deal with them when they happen. At Retirement Concepts we have both.

All Health Authorities in BC post routine and follow-up Licensing inspection results on their website for all privately operated seniors’ facilities within their jurisdiction.  By clicking on a specific facility below, you will be redirected to the respective Health Authority’s website and the latest inspection results for the facility. Once on the Health Authority website, you can browse previous inspection results for our facility as well as other facilities within the Health Authority.  We believe that providing you with easy access to this information will give a more balanced and fair perspective of the seniors’ housing industry in the province and how we compare to others in this service sector.

If anyone wants additional information on the inspection results, they are welcome to contact the Retirement Concepts Ombudsman at 604-662-4969 (ext 234) and we will try to help you, or you can contact the Licensing authority.

Regulatory oversight of seniors’ care facilities in B.C.

The Community Care Facilities Branch is part of the Health Protection Division of the Ministry of Health, and is responsible for the development and implementation of legislation, policy and guidelines to protect the health and safety of people being cared for in licensed facilities in B.C. Licensing Officers working for the Health Protection Division monitor facilities covered by the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Adult Care Regulations. Assisted Living facilities are monitored by the Assisted Living Registrar. Complaints are reported to these officials, and all complaints are investigated. All facilities are also inspected annually.

Listed below is a summery of the licensing reports indicating whether the issue is active or resolved. Summaries cover a rolling 12-month period. A description of the Adult Care Regulations can be found at: