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Retirement Homes for Seniors with Residential Care At Retirement Concepts

Retirement Concepts is a family owned provider of retirement homes for seniors. Starting with just 55 residents in 1988, the company now has nearly 3000 residents residing in 19 communities in British Columbia. From Independent Living to Assisted Living and Residential Care, Retirement Concepts offers a variety of housing options for seniors.

As a leader in the field of retirement homes for seniors, Retirement Concepts has developed a philosophy that is ‘resident focused’. We believe our employees are our strength. We are fortunate to have on our team, wonderful people who are compassionate, caring and highly professional. Everyone has a role, and ultimately their only goal is looking after our residents, ensuring their safety, and making sure they and their families feel confident in us.

We know that moves are difficult for anyone, and more so for seniors, so it’s important to make the process as simple as possible. There are many retirement homes for seniors, so we also know that in order to remain competitive our standards need to be high, and our prices reasonable.

We are committed to providing a continuum of care that allows seniors to age in place. This is especially valuable to couples, who wish to remain together, but whose needs may differ. In some of our locations, we have Independent Living, Assisted Living and Residential Care all in one development, forming a true ‘village atmosphere’, complete with store, activity areas, banking services, bistro coffee areas, gardens and more.

Retirement homes for seniors are not what they used to be, which is a good thing! Now you’ll see lots of activity and joie de vivre, people bringing their children to visit, and nothing is better than a visit from a grandchild, or one towing the family dog, which is also encouraged. Many of our residents are still active in the community, pursuing outdoor activities, attending classes, volunteering and enjoying a full life.

We’re looking to the future. We understand that we must continue developing new programs and innovations for a senior population that is growing and changing by the week. It’s an exciting time for seniors. The choices have never been better and the variety of services is constantly improving.

Below is a profile and photo of the team that leads Retirement Concepts and the exceptional care of our residents. For individual community management profiles, please visit the respective community pages describing our retirement homes for seniors.

Our Team