We are saddened to report today that a second resident who earlier tested positive for COVID-19 has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.

The number of COVID-positive residents totals 21 today, all of whom are in isolation and being closely monitored (twelve in Long Term Care and nine in Supported Living). The impacted floors are the 3rd floor in both the SL and LT care units. Please note, numbers may fluctuate as residents are moved to maintain the COVID unit.

We continue to closely monitor residents, and should anyone be symptomatic, they are swabbed, placed in isolation as a precaution until lab results are known, and families are informed.

The number of staff who are affected today remains at twelve, all of whom are home and in self-isolation. Please know that any staff member who is symptomatic is asked to place themselves in self-isolation as a matter of course.

We have increased the deep cleaning and sanitization of the entire community, with additional housekeeping staff in all areas of the building, and enhanced cleaning in high touch areas.


Families of COVID-positive are being phoned on a daily basis to provide updates, and all families are receiving a daily email on the status of Millrise and its residents. If there are any changes in other residents, families will be updated immediately.


The community continues to restrict ALL visitors from the premises, as per the Order of the Medical Health Officer. We are continuing to adhere to the order to stop sharing staff between facilities and we are diligently following all Alberta Health Services procedures.


After several tough days because of the number of management and front-line staff who were symptomatic and had to be placed in self-isolation, our staffing levels are bouncing back and we are now beyond regular staffing levels. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during a period that was difficult for all.

In the latest positive staffing development, we are pleased that that the recreation team is coming back and returning to one-on-ones with residents, on a one floor each day basis (so as not to move between floors and present any risk). We will develop a schedule so that families can schedule these activities with recreation.

Kitchen service will be restored beginning tomorrow, with existing staff and five newly hired staffers.

Housekeeping and laundry units are now back to full staffing capacity and the building is exceptionally clean, with high touch areas being sanitized three times per day.


As noted above, laundry has returned to regular staffing levels. However, a number of families have asked if they might do the personal laundry items (not including bedding or towels) of their loved ones at Millrise and we invite those families to do so.


We continue to monitor our supplies closely. We have received emergency supplies through our Corporate Procurement as well as Alberta Health Services.


We wish to thank staff for their dedication and commitment and the Pandemic Response Team for supporting us during this challenging time.