24/7 Residential Care Facility

Residential Care Facility for Independent & Assisted Living Seniors at Retirement Concepts

In many lives there comes a time, when independent living and assisted living may no longer be an option, and the need for a residential care facility becomes a need.
Aha, but it’s not what it used to be! Life in a residential care facility is as active and vibrant as in Assisted Living and Independent Living. Living here simply means you need a little more help than you used to, and we have some of the most wonderful care givers you could ever imagine.

Caring for seniors is a profession, but it’s also a calling. Our RN’s, LPN’s, Care Aides, Dietary Staff and housekeeping staff are dedicated to making sure our residents truly feel at home and loved. Our residents vary in age from relatively young, to centenarians and they are all in a residential care facility because they have a need. Whatever their need is, we are there to help them. Many are quite independent in one way or another and don’t need as much help. Some need a lot more. We provide whatever is needed, with professionalism, compassion, care and respect for the dignity of the resident.

A residential care facility is able to care for people who require intermediate care, extended care, dementia care, respite care and palliative care. As needs change we work with families and doctors to make sure we meet the needs. Our focus is resident centered and our key concerns are comfort and safety.

Almost all of our rooms are private, nicely furnished and decorated, with private washroom. Rooms are grouped into communities with dining and lounge areas attached. Staff is consistent, so residents get to know their care givers, providing routine, which is so important to seniors. While some residents prefer privacy, most are very social, and life in a residential care facility is joyful and lively, with lots of entertainment, and activities. We take every opportunity to celebrate – birthdays, holidays, seasons and anniversaries.

Family and friends and pets are welcome to visit and encouraged to do so often. Communication with families on matters of care is most important and Care Conferences are scheduled regularly or as needed.

We are honoured to serve our residents, who have contributed so much to the world we live in, and who have led active and productive lives. It’s important to us that their lives in our residential care facility meets, and in fact exceeds the expectations we would want for our own parents.

Our Complex care facilities provide access to nurses around the clock to monitor, assess and manage your care needs. Our highly skilled, experienced nurses specialize in looking after the complex care needs of the residents who live in our facilities and are updated yearly on topics related to resident safety, best practice in working with seniors, working with those with chronic or complex medical conditions and working with residents with cognitive loss. We care for our residents in a holistic manner where we consider the whole person and not just a disease process.