Assisted Living Housing

Assisted Living Senior Homes in British Columbia

Assisted Living Housing is a relatively new concept. Around the year 2000 assisted living buildings started appearing around the province. Prior to that it was either stay at home or, go to Residential Care. But with the advent of assisted living, seniors (either single seniors, or those with spouses) found they were able to continue to live independently even if they needed help with some of the activities of daily living.

In most Assisted Living buildings residents live independently in comfortable apartments. They receive two meals a day (usually lunch and dinner), often a bistro breakfast snack if necessary and housekeeping and flat linen laundry service is provided.

In addition assisted living housing offers seniors the use of all the facilities and amenities in the building, which includes such things as a theatre, craft room, activity rooms, exercise room, corner store, hairdresser/barber, spa, bistro, gardens, lounges, decks, outdoor walking paths, and 24 hour emergency response.

The criteria for assisted living is that residents must be self directing and must be somewhat mobile. When we say somewhat mobile, we mean they must be able to transfer. Use of a cane, walker or even wheelchair is permitted as long as the resident is able to transfer from the wheelchair to bed, chair etc.

The great feature of assisted living housing is that residents are able to receive assistance with some of the activities of daily living. That could be help with medications, perhaps bathing or showering, or even dressing and undressing.

For couples, Assisted Living is a wonderful option as it allows them to stay together when their needs may be different.

Most of our seniors are quite active one way or another, and our Recreation program has something for everyone. From bus trips to the theatre, lunch and dinner outings, picnics in the park, or, for those who’d rather stay closer to home, entertainment in the bistro, a Christmas concert, Wii, arts and crafts, board games, and the ever popular Bridge games. Life in assisted living housing is never dull, as can be seen at the waffle breakfasts or happy hour.

Come and look around. Have lunch and stay awhile and visit with some of our residents, who will let you know how they feel about life in assisted living housing. We’ve often heard residents say that they wish they had come to us sooner rather than staying at home by themselves as long as they did.