Our Philosophy

Retirement Concepts considers each resident unique and strives to enhance their sense of dignity, usefulness and self-respect while promoting health and wellness. In order to do so, resident care is delivered through seven primary values;


Our staff respect and promote the autonomy of residents and help them express their health needs and values. Staff will also help residents to obtain appropriate information and services. Resident’s rights and individuality are recognized and respected. The involvement of the resident in decision making, care planning and activities of daily living is promoted.

Health and Well-being

Our staff value health and well-being and assist residents to maintain their quality of life in situations of normal health, illness, injury, or in the process of dying. All staff are trained to deliver gentle holistic care that promotes health and wellness. Residents are encouraged to communicate their needs and offer feedback regarding their care at all times.


Our staff value and advocate the dignity and self-respect of all residents. The dignity and privacy of a resident is maintained and respected at every stage of life.


Our staff respect the residents’ health and personal information by ensuring that information learned in the context of care giving is only shared outside the health care team with the resident’s permission or as legally required.


Our staff apply and promote principles of equity and fairness to assist residents in receiving unbiased care and a share of health services and resources proportionate to their needs.


All staff act in a manner consistent with their professional responsibilities and standards of practice. Staff conduct themselves with honesty and integrity and have a personal pride and satisfaction in their own work. They acquire new skills and knowledge on a continuing basis as necessary for the provision of safe, competent and ethical care.

Environments that provide safe, competent ethical care

Working environments are conducive to delivering ethical and safe care to residents. We promote and support residents to maintain their maximum independence and encourage them to participate in social, recreational, and therapeutic activities in a safe protected environment. Resident care is delivered using least-restraint and acknowledges the resident’s right to live at risk.