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It is a hard process to start thinking about your aging parent needing a new place to live. It could be they need more care or require to be in a safe environment. Where do you start?

  1. The first place you may wish to reach out to is your local health authority for an assessment. It is important to know what type of care your Mother or Father would need.
  2. Our parents have been making decisions all their lives and it is very important to have them a part of the decision making process for the choosing of a seniors residence as well. Making sure they like the social aspects, food choices and room options are all very important aspects to your parents home. Let them be a part of it.
  3. Know the budget. There are many options to seniors residences from independent living, assisted living and complex care to campus’ of care. All different price ranges. What would be the best for your parent?
  4. Have a tour or two. Tour three or more communities. Find the right one! The only way to know, is to tour.  See how the residents are, activities and even try a meal.

This will be their next home and it is essential to find the right seniors community for your parent. For more information you can always reach out to one of our Marketing Managers at one of our local community’s.

We’ve blasted through July, and the Dog Days of Summer are well upon us. We hope you have taken advantage of the many ways to keep cool that many of our cities and towns have to offer.

The great weather and higher temperatures certainly does not slow down the residents of our communities. As we continue to be active, we of course take extra precautions by staying hydrated and keeping protected by the sun. Let’s do our part to ensure we assist those who may not keep this top of mind – our children and of course, our four-legged friends may need a gentle reminder.

We definitely see our neighbours out and about more often during the Summer months as well. Ensuring the well-being of our senior community members and those with special needs from time-to-time might not keep you cool, but it sure will make you cool! Enjoy the last few weeks of August before the school buses start rolling again!




We were very proud as an organization to go through Accreditation in February 2018. Throughout the process every community was prepared with their teams to showcase the outstanding work we all do at our locations for the residents and Seniors we provide for. We achieved a high rating of 96.5%. Accreditation looked at our processes, how we make decisions, policies and procedures and toured a selection of residences for the day. Our teams did an amazing job as they do everyday to achieve this excellent rating. To learn more about Accreditaion Canada and the work they do, goto

Do you know an Extraordinary Senior? Someone who goes above and beyond to help those in the community? We are looking for amazing seniors in BC! This Senior may be an organizer of charitable events, a volunteer, community leader or gives back in some way to the community. In partnership with the PNE, Retirement Concepts is proud to sponsor the Extraordinary Senior Award. We are looking for submission of 1000 words or less of why the outstanding senior qualifies as Extraordinary. Senior to be over the age of 65, lives in British Columbia.

Our Seniors ore often are unsung heroes and we want to take the time to recognize those Seniors who do wonderful work in our cities, towns and communities. It is time to recognize those who help those who need it most. NOMINATE TODAY!

Come see our Marketing Manager, Sandra, at our Guildford Seniors Village booth at the Active Aging Resource Fair on Saturday March 24th from 9-3PM at the Guildford Recreation Centre.

This is a FREE event, great prizes, amazing music and also free Flu vaccinations! Pop in for a Zumba class or a Magic Show!

At Retirement Concepts, our Teams  are proud to open our doors and invite you into our first National Earth Day Open House on April 21st. We take pride in working with our residents to create a safe and environmentally friendly space. We will have Earth day events, such as Green Gardening, Power SMART tips and Recycling How Too’s. Each location will have different events planned.  Also, there will be live Entertainment. Chef Warren has designed some appetizers to please the palette and rejuvenate the soul. All of our communities are taking part in this fun event that will be from 1-3PM. Drop into one of our locations and enjoy the afternoon. Call 1-844-603-4663 for more information on our National Earth Day Open House or email


According to the Canadian Department of Justice, elderly fraud is on the rise. Approximately 10% of seniors are victims each year in Canada.  The majority of these crimes are property rather than violent crimes. Areas of greatest concern are the following:

  1. Financial crimes by strangers. A variety of fraudulent schemes fall in this category, including Ponzi schemes (investment), false promises of prizes, aggressive telemarketing, schemes involving health products.
  2. Email Scams.
  3. Repair Scams.

How can you avoid these scams?

Join us on March 15th for a Job Fair at the Comox Seniors Village. Interviews will be held on site. Bring your resumes. We are looking for new members to join our outstanding team!

Servers, Care Aides and RN’s please apply.

Thinking of a change of location? We have great career opportunities at Williams Lake Seniors Village. Ask about our relocation packages available. February 22nd & 23rd from 10AM to 3PM

Drop by for your interview!

1455 Western Ave, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 5N1
 (250) 305-1131

A great article from the Comox Valley Record:

Stay active and enjoy your golden years

Exercise offers benefits to both physical and mental wellness

Exercising and living an active lifestyle is important at any age. Whether it’s doing chores, strolling in the garden to enjoy nature or taking an exercise class, there are plenty of opportunities for active living.

Exercise is good for not only preventing health problems and strengthening muscles, it’s been proven to benefit the mind as well by protecting memory and thinking skills.

Experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week for adults over 65, which can be broken down to around 20 minutes a day.

Physical activity can be broken down into four main categories: aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility.

Exercises that will increase the heart rate can be classified as aerobic. Aquacise, gardening, line dancing or joining a walking group are all fun ways to raise breathing and heart rate. These activities can also build up endurance, making everyday activities easier to carry out.

Strength exercises are designed to make muscles stronger by lifting or pushing weight. By targeting specific muscle groups, strength can be built by gradually increasing the weight used. In order to give muscles time to rest, these kinds of exercises shouldn’t be done two days in a row. Weight exercises are also easy to do while sitting down.

For older adults, balance training is a very important component in exercise regimes. Activities like backwards walking, sideways walking, heel walking and even tai chi can help prevent falls. Balance exercises can also be easily incorporated into everyday tasks, as they can be done anywhere and anytime.

Stretching exercises are meant to improve overall flexibility, leading to more freedom and mobility in older adults. Knowing how to stretch properly is critical, as improper stretching can lead to muscle and tissue damage. Joining a group class is a good idea to not only learn proper stretching techniques, but an opportunity to ask questions about other forms of exercise.

Remember to consult with your health care provider if you have arthritis, diabetes or heart conditions before exercising to find the right regime for you.

It’s easy to find the time to be active if you break up the time into 10-minute intervals. Trying different exercise activities is also great way to learn something new while meeting new friends.

To find out more about the different exercise programs available at Comox Valley Seniors Village, call 250-331-1183 or visit online.

To learn more about the exercise programs available at Casa Loma Seniors Village, call 250.897.1033 or visit online.