Compassionate Care

At Retirement Concepts we hire fully qualified, experienced employees who focus solely on the needs of our residents.

Our Home Support Workers and Residential Care Aides (RCA’s) are trained to Canadian standards, meeting the requirements of the BC Provincial curriculum. They have specialized training in dementia with a philosophy of holistic care.

Employee education, through our Standardized Education and Training Program (STEPS), provides mandatory training and education along with additional onsite training in basic care techniques, dementia care, resident safety practices (including disaster planning and fire training), and in the use of the equipment and products we use in our homes.

Our Licensed Practical Nurses (LpN’s) all have a valid Canadian License to practice in BC. We are continually upgrading their education with information on medication, treatments, computerized assessments, new practice standards as well as resident and staff safety training.

Our Registered Nurses (RN’s) are graduates of recognized nursing schools, with valid licenses in the Province of BC. Our Clinical Educators, who are also highly qualified Registered Nurses, provide onsite coaching and training in medications, resident safety, staffing issues and technological advances.